Cobbs @ Nevisport

Bistro Bar & Cafe

Fort William


All Burgers served with chips, salad and a brioche bun.

Scafell Burger      

6 oz Beefburger served with melted cheese and tomato chutney

(Scafell Pike 3209 ft)


Snowdon Burger     

6oz Beefburger topped with bacon, black pudding, melted cheese & tomato.


(Snowdon 3,560 ft)


Ben Nevis Burger     

6oz Beefburger topped with haggis

and served with peppercorn sauce.

(Ben Nevis 4,409 ft)


Cajun Chicken Burger

Served with coleslaw and sweet chilli sauce.


Spicy Bean Burger

Served with tomato chutney


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